What Clients Say

My experience at the mindfulness course organized by Sarah-Jane was extraordinary. I practiced being present, being aware of my body, emotions and thoughts. Sarah-Jane guided the group skillfully and genuinely. I’m grateful I attended the course as it gave me the ability to practice mindfulness individually whenever I want.
— AK, Management Graduate
I completed the 8-week mindfulness course with Sarah-Jane during a very busy period. Mindfulness taught me how to take time to reflect and prioritise tasks that are important, or urgent, and recognise the difference. Taking ten minutes once or twice a day for mindfulness has grounded me, it is like taking a very deep breath and starting afresh.
— FG, PhD Candidate
The 8 week mindfulness course that I took with Sarah-Jane was truly a mind expanding experience and one that has become a significant part of my everyday life. I never knew the power of mind to keep oneself calm at stressful situations until I took the course. It taught me to be more patient, present and embrace the now. 3 minute breathing space is a life saver! Sarah-Jane has a knack to really grab someone’s attention with her soothing voice and her personality which I thought was crucial in a mindfulness course instructor. I highly recommend this course to everyone and anyone who is experiencing any kind of transition in their life
— SMT, HRM Graduate
The Mindfulness course was a helpful and supportive space to help me during a busy period. In the middle of all the stress, this technique really helped me to deal with anxiety and let you come back to your center, acquiring more perspective, focus, and concentration. Sarah-Jane was a great facilitator along the 8 sessions of the course, which always included different techniques that I learned not only for now but for every time I need to connect with myself and deal better with the stress of the everyday life. Really thankful for having this opportunity.
— LC, HRM Graduate
Taking Sarah-Jane’s mindfulness course was both challenging and rewarding. The meditation and the exchange about this experience within the group were particularly valuable as we learned that doing mindfulness for the first time can be difficult for everyone. The material she provided us with represents a perfect toolkit to continue mindfulness in the future while reminiscing what we learned from Sarah-Jane who was a very empathetic and attentive teacher. I would highly recommend this course to everyone working or studying who wants to improve focus, awareness and well-being as these seemed to be my personal long-term effects of the class.
— RM, Management Graduate
The MBSR course that I completed with Sarah-Jane was very well timed amidst my dissertation write up. Giving myself the space to breathe, both literally and figuratively improved my trail of thought, creative energy and outlook to feel ready for the challenge. The skills developed have given me an important tool kit to take on any challenge in the future, and the ability to embrace them
— DS, Management Graduate