All programmes include tailored resources including audio recordings and journals. Participants also can avail of access to a growing network of mindfulness practitioners and leaders and the opportunity to join future mindfulness days/retreats to support them in keeping their practice alive.

Programmes offered

  • 1 to 1 flexible 8 week mindfulness programmes in a location convenient for busy leaders who wish to develop a mindfulness practice but struggle to find time to self-teach or join a class

  • 2 day mindful retreats for employees / leaders who wish to take some time away from the workplace to deepen self-insight and explore mindfulness practices

  • Tailored mindfulness-based programmes for employees / leaders to suit organisational needs

  • Tailored programmes available for non-profit organisations and groups free of charge

  • Programmes with add-on components relating to physical health and nutrition in collaboration with experts in these fields.

Programmes cover

  • The latest theory and insights from research on mindfulness and leadership

  • An introduction to a broad variety of mindfulness practices including the body scan, mindful movement, mindful eating, mindful walking, sitting meditation and breathing spaces.

  • Bringing mindful awareness to everyday activities at work including communicating with others, decision-making and dealing with stress

  • Reflective practice

  • Developing plans for integrating mindfulness into your work and life activities for the future



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