“In a world full of noise, distraction and increasing demands, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find time for ourselves and those around us.”

My programmes are:

  • Flexible and tailored to the specific organisation, group or individual I work with and designed to accommodate the busy and challenging nature of work and managing others.

  • Educational and evidence-based as all programmes are based upon the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme developed by Professor Jon Kabat Zinn, and the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) developed by Professors Mark Williams, Zindel Segal and John Teasdale. Both programmes are the gold standard in mindfulness training due to their strong evidence-base and international application in the clinical, healthcare, education and more recently business contexts. I also incorporate theory and research from the field of Organisational Behaviour into my programmes from areas such as motivation, leadership and teams.

  • Spacious and open in nature to ensure ample space is given to discussion, self-reflection and mindfulness practice.

  • Supportive in helping participants to learn a different way of being with their experiences, to carve out some space for themselves in their daily lives and to get to know themselves better. As the home practice that happens outside the classes is the most important, as this will be a tool for life, I work with participants in setting up their own mindfulness practice which suits their life and needs.

  • Multi-level to include leaders as they drive workplace wellbeing and act as role models for healthy behaviour. They set the tone as to whether it’s acceptable to look after yourself and prioritise your wellbeing. This is why every wellbeing policy, programme or strategy should begin by looking at how healthy behaviour is modelled from the top. This is a challenge for most organisations as leaders are often too busy and under too much pressure to invest in their own wellbeing.



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